My name is Sylvan Waller and I’m a physician executive, healthcare technology entrepreneur, advisor, and investor.

I have always charted my own path. Growing up in an untraditional setting in Hawaii taught me that it’s up to you to define how you live your life.


That mindset motivates my relentless effort to improve our healthcare system for both patients and physicians. In my twenty years in healthcare, I’ve never see more opportunity than today. But no one’s going to fix it for us. We’ve got to do the work.


And that’s what my corner of the internet is all about: I share articles on healthcare innovation, effective practice management, and navigating the transition from physician to… insert your dream career here. I’m interested in practical solutions and highly motivated people. If that sounds like you, I’d love to hear from you.


If I have one slogan in my life, it’s this one: you choose. Maybe you’re feeling healthy, motivated, and fulfilled. Or maybe you’re anxious, depressed, and bored. Either way, it’s your choices that have gotten you there. And at any given moment, you can choose differently.

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